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Gul Panra Biography

Gul Panra (گل پںرہ)  is a Pashto singer belongs to the capital of khyber pakhtoon khawa(kpk) Peshawar. she is very Prominent in Pashto Music industry.

Gul Panra Biography

My Best Wishes For Both of Teams #Peshawar #zalmi & #Quetta#Gladiators, May the Best Team Win ✌️🇵🇰👍
This #Selfie Dedicated to both Teams 😌

Za Khpal Team #PeshawarZalmi
Support kom
Pekhawar Zalmi Khpal Team👍

Life is like riding a bicycle 🚴
To keep your balance, you must
Keep moving😊

“There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.”

When in Doubt,wear Red 💃
Selfie For Fans 👍

Bye bye Quetta
Had a Great event Last Nyt..🎸
warm Hospitality and support of My Fans👍❤️

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be YOURSELF.
Shoots During “Khob Album” Recording

Art is the exclusion of the unnecessary

زندگی میں اپنا پن تو ہر کوئ دکھاتا ہے۔۔۔
۔۔ پر اپنا ہے کون یہ وقت بتاتا ہے ۔۔
Good Morning Fans
by Gul Panra

Appreciation is a wonderful thing:
It makes what is excellent in others
Belong to us as well☺️

Gul Panra Biography

Life is very beautiful but it is something needs to be understand and go with it’s not about getting rich but to have comfortable feelings.

Styles a simple way of saying complicated things

Be Your Own kind Of beautiful✌️
#Peghla #Pukhtana 👍

Don’t judge My Choices WithOut Understanding My reasons 😁
#Love #you #all

The power is within you.If you believe, you can do anything.More power to all.Have a great evening to
all fans #BeHappy #BlessedAll✌🏻❤️
Gull Panrra

Everyday is a blessing and an opportunity..
Be greatfull and keep moving ahead😇✌🏻
#blackandredcombination #fAvforever❤️
#Gulpanra #loveyouallfans🌈‼️

This is a 2nd time that i have been nominated for BAMA Music Awards. This all happened with your great 👍 continuous support and love ❤️
Vote for Gul Panra

Gul Panra

Some Snaps For Fans During My album reCording ~Khub~

A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It’s my favorite part of the business, live concerts.

A selfie a day, keeps the haters away ..!! 👥🗣
#Winters_look #FanDemand

Today’s your day, cause if you are off & away ..!!
#QuettaCalling #JourneyBegins


Thank you all..!! For the laugh you shared and for the wishes and prayers you made on my birthday. It’s a great day and you guys were being lovely becoming a special part of it.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes .!!

Meherban ” Cover Song” teaser will release soon almost the wait is over.
Gul Panra Feat By Yamee Khan
Poster Design By: Arsh Vfx Artist
Music Yamee Studio

کسی مہرباں نے آکے میری زندگی سجا دی۔

Behind the scene Picture of my upcoming music video with Director Rao Ayaz Shahzad. Amazing surprise for all my fans 😉

Gul Panra Biography

May the light of JUMMA, shine in your house, The strength of the Emaan stay in you heart, May Allah shower his countless blessings on you and your family on this holiday

Mirror Selfie during shopping at #Ocean mall in#Karachi 😊

“Mashup” by Gul Panra Feat Yamee ….Teaser Out Soon…Stay Tune Guys,
Directed by Arsh Films

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Beautiful Dressing by Gul Panra on Eid